From Mobile Soft client, PC Client, Traditional PaBX, remote Branches, Remote Phones and Hosted PaBX’s, we cater for all.

We at Saige Solutions have made the difficult choices by choosing which VoIP Provider to use. As there are a number of providers out in the market, Session Telecoms has been proven to be the best for our customer base.
They have a phenomenal network infrastructure with great response times on network faults. As this is the number one priority in any business. Uptime.

We are not afraid to mention who our VoIP provider is. As you, the client has the right to know who is looking after your company lines to the best of their capabilities.

Proud Reseller of
Session Telecoms

Session Telecoms (Pty) Ltd strength lies in its ability to deliver turnkey solutions to clients at a competitive cost backed by excellent customer service.

Session Telecoms is the preferred provider of tailored telecommunications & connectivity solutions due to a number of key factors:

  • Expertise
  • Coverage and Support
  • Requirement Specific Solutions
  • Unique Telco Empowerment Model
  • Low Overheads and Competitive Costs


When it comes to porting, we are able to port your current telecoms lines. Allowing you to still keep your business number which you have had for years.

With the number now sitting in the cloud, we are able to offer a a redundancy in the event of a connectivity failure or onsite failure. Sending all incoming calls to a different destination. Let it be one destination or multiple mobile numbers.

Cloud Voice Recording

A Complete Call Recording Solutions.
Securely captures all customers calls and stores them securely and in accordance will all compliance standards.

Access Your Call Recordings Anywhere.
Access your call recordings instantly and securely from the Cloud via any Web Browser.

We offer all our clients Cloud Voice Recording with their own unique login details.

Recording Packages:
1K Hours
4K Hours
10K Hours
20K Hours
50K Hours
100K Hours
250K Hours
500K Hours
1 Millions Hours

Call Rates

We offer one of the cheapest rates in the market. Per second billing from the first second.

Please enquire with us regarding the rates.