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MakerBot Mini 3D Printer

The Replicator Mini Compact 3D Printer from MakerBot has a compact form factor that saves valuable desktop space while still providing the performance of a professional 3D printer. The Replicator Mini utilizes MakerBot PLA plastic filament for high- quality 3D models.

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MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder:
Easy to swap or replace, the MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder detects filament absence and automatically pauses your print. It also sends notifications to the MakerBot Desktop and mobile apps.

On- Board Camera:
The Replicator Mini has an on- board camera for print monitoring and easy sharing to MakerBot Thingiverse and social networks. It is also accessible through the MakerBot Desktop and mobile apps. The on- board camera automatically takes reference pictures of final prints and saves them to your cloud storage library.

Cloud Connected:
With the MakerBot mobile app, you’ll be able to control the MakerBot Replicator Mini from anywhere. Send the print file via Wi- Fi or the included USB cable.

Full- Featured Software:
The MakerBot Desktop app is a free download from MakerBot. It allows you to store, organize, and access 3D design files in your personal cloud- enabled library. You can also find, buy, and prepare your files from one central location.

Compact Form Factor:
The Replicator Mini provides the features of a professional 3D printer in a compact form factor that saves valuable desktop space.

200 Micron Layer Resolution:
Create professional- quality, high- resolution prototypes and complex models for demonstrations and presentations.

MakerBot PrintShop or MakerBot Digital Store:
There are two ways to get your 3D model ready for printing. You can use the MakerBot PrintShop app, which is a free, user- friendly tablet app that provides intuitive tools to create and make your own 3D models. No professional 3D skills are needed. You can also import MakerBot verified files, which are ready- to- print models from MakerBot Thingiverse, or you can purchase 3D models from the MakerBot Digital Store, which has original and collectible digital content.

Send to MakerBot Replicator Mini:
After you’ve decided on the 3D model you want to print, you can send the file via the included USB cable or wirelessly through Wi- Fi.

Touch and Print:
When you see the light on the Replicator Mini blink, you’re ready to print. Make sure to check that the build plate on the Replicator Mini is clear, and then press the print button to begin printing your 3D model.