iServ Wireless Handset 8632 IP DECT

The iServ IP DECT 8632 (RTX8632) multi-cell enabled handset is suited for harsher environs where resistance to water, dust and shock is required – such as production lines, warehouses, retail and industrial concerns.

This phone is built rugged, has exceptional roaming capabilities between base stations without call drops, has excellent talk and standby times and can be setup to dial emergency or other important numbers at the push of a button.

IP65 Complaint

240×320 (2 Inch) TFT Display

Bluetooth LE Interface (Positioning)

Firmware upgradable (over air)

Suited for rugged environments

Ideal for roaming

Dust / water / shock proof

Emergency presets / button



iServ Wired Headset 7111

Mono Headset RTX7111
• Wideband audio
• Noise-cancelling microphone
• Flexible headband for optimum fit
• Bendable boom arm
• Acoustic shock protection
• Optimized for multimedia and communications



iServ Wireless Handset 8630 IP DECT

iServ IP DECT 8630 wireless handset (RTX8630) provides an affordable, scalable on-site solution for employee mobility. Offer your emp

loyees a phone that enables them to keep in-touch with colleagues or customers whenever they may be in your organisation – so they may maintain customer satisfaction and personal productivity.

This Integrated IP solution is designed for a multitude of voice communications and customer verticals including, but not limited to government facilities, hospitals, aged care facilities, large warehouse, mariners, pubs and clubs and correctional facilities.


Security features

Man down / no movement facilities

Emergency message triggering

Push or cord activated assistance

IP Enterprise-wide voice solution

Brilliant voice quality

Availability always

5 Different alarm types


iServ Headset Base 7231-7431 IP DECT

The iServ IP DECT Headset 7231-7431 Base for the wireless HD audio mono office headset has a bendable boom arm with 270° rotation, has acoustic shock protection, touch call control on ear cup, a mute light in boom arm tip and can be connected via a USB interface. 4 headsets can conference on single base.

iServ DECT Repeater 4025

The iServ DECT Repeater 4025 (RTX 4025) extends the range of your IP DECT phone easily. This is especially useful in remote areas in and outside (covered) of the office environment or, in spaces where “dead transmission spots” are prevelant. This state of the art, professional range extender boasts up to 3 repeaters per base station, wide band audio, DECT encryption and automatic registration. Maximum of 3 repeaters in a daisy chain. Coverage includes up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors and is compliant with frequency bands: EU/AU/NZ, US/CA, LATAM and TW.


  • Worldwide DECT support
  • Extending the DECT coverage
  • Supports automatic handover of calls between cells
  • Handling of 2 active calls simultaneously
  • Automatic registration method
  • Easily mounted on walls
  • Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm
  • Radio link quality indication2 internal omni-directional antennas
  • compliant with TBR6, TBR22 (GAP)
  • Repeater to repeater registration
  • 12 slot support (Additional)
  • 5 active narrow-bandcalls simultaneously (Additional)
  • 2 active wide-band calls simultaneously (Additional)
  • DECT encryption



iServ Base Station 8663 IP DECT

The iServ IP DECT Base Station 8663, Supports Seamless Handover, Up to 30 Handsets per Base.

The ISERV RTX8663 acts as the base station allowing users to connect RTX handsets of their choice.

The iServ range of products provides a complete turnkey solution that offers easy scalability and growth. By using the iServ range of devices, users can easily scale from 1 to 40 base stations, up to 200 users and seamlessly roam between base stations with Multi-Cell DECT functionality.

The RTX8663 Base station is compatible with two high quality handsets.


Seamless handover

Power over Ethernet (PoE) or DC power input

IEEE1588 LAN Sync and/or over-the-air synchronization

Repeater support (RTX4024)

Provisioning support

IP and DECT encryption

Worldwide radio SKU’s