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eCost Telephone Management

Telephone Management Systems (TMS) can seem very complex and daunting to any business owners. The Telephone Management System has evolved from a system that helps bill your voice expenses to one that helps you manage and maintain your real-time communication activity. As TMS evolves at a rapid rate, it seems almost impossible to keep up with the factors to consider when choosing a TMS.

Below are the crucial features to consider when choosing a system that will suit your business.

  1. Advanced reporting capabilities like real-time reporting and email alert reporting for highly scalable and detailed reports.
  2. Does not require a dedicated PC, enabling the software to run independently
  3. No individual licensing per extension saves costs and ensuring there is no limit on the number of users you can add to the system.
  4. Small form factor, an unobtrusive dongle is the only hardware purchase required

eCost will help you gain visibility into your customer’s voice networks. Helping control spend, identify risk, increase productivity and optimize your voice services. The software enables you to pull data from your Grandstream UCM into real-time usage graphs and scheduled reports.

These are the most popular reports that can be pulled from eCost:

  • Top 20 most expensive calls
  • Top 20 longest calls
  • Top 20 most-dialled numbers
  • Cost-per-branch report
  • Calls exceeding a certain length/cost
  • Reports per extension, department, branch
  • Abandoned call reports
  • Monthly total cost summary reports (compared to analogue provider)